“My life group…

is a place to make connections.”

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What is a Life Group? 

A Life Group is a small group that nurtures spiritual growth and helps support our value of “Building strong relationships.”

Where do Life Groups meet? 

Life Groups usually meet in a host member’s home.

What are the purposes of Life Groups? 

  • To establish strong relationships with one another.
  • To proclaim the Gospel in words and deeds.
  • To develop and multiply disciples, followers of Christ.
  • To provide pastoral care (love, support, encouragement, prayer, accountability).
  • To offer opportunities for serving in our local and global communities.
  • To assist the church’s communication and implement its vision, ministry, and service.

Why should I join a Life Group?

  • We grow better when we grow together. A Life Group is more than a social network of friends. By joining a Life Group you are opening the door for spiritual community and growth.