age relevant

[Faith Living Church exists to communicate God’s message in relevant ways]


serves the needs of children 3 years and younger letting parents enjoy the service and the children learn as well.

Junior Super Church:

serves children ages 4 and 5 with lessons tailor made for them to enjoy and understand.

Super Church:

serves children ages 6-12 with excited lessons that will build their faith and hold their attention. Volunteers serve not only as teachers but as mentors, assistants, and even office administrators.

Epic Student Ministries:

serve the needs of high schoolers and exists to reach this generation of youth with the gospel. Volunteer accomplish a broad range of goals from mentoring to organizing events and outreach.


serve the needs of young adults seeking to capture the passion, and energy of this age group and inspire it for Christ’s service. This group provides fellowship and community at their weekly meeting as well as with group events.

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