You are invited!

Moms are awesome!!! God created moms special and we take their day seriously. Moms will leave feeling encouraged and honored so bring your Mom to church this Mother's day. We'll be having a special testimony from a local author about her journey through motherhood. Every mom will get a copy of her book and every woman and girl will leave with a rose.
We'll even have a photo booth so Mom can get a picture to hang on the fridge:)

May 12th at 6:00pm May 13th at 9:00am + 11:00am


First Time? Here's what to expect...

  • A smiling face and a "Hello" greeting you as you enter the church.

  • A laid back "come as you are" atmosphere. 

  • Hot coffee and tea always available

  • Children's programs that will engage and inspire.

  • A gift just for being our guest. After all you're taking a step of faith coming to a new church and that's worth celebrating! Go you!!!

What's happens at service?


We love to sing!

God is really good and He loves us more than we can ever realize. So we sing because it's a way of expressing gratitude to God and it's just plain good for the soul. Feel free to sing along with the words on the screen or just listen and enjoy!

We love Good News!

That's what Jesus was all about...good news. That's the kind of Biblical message that will be shared by our Pastor. Whether it's with unforgettable props, illustrations or stories our goal is to communicate God's message in practical ways. You'll be inspired, encouraged and challenged


We love people!

You can expect a hearty and sincere invitation to come back:) We believe in the power of the local church. Not the building but it's people. It's a community like no other and we invite you to be a part of it. We believe it will change your life.

Listen to one couple's story about finding FLC.

What people are saying about our community

Michelle says...

"The absolute highlight of my week!!!! When I leave on Sunday, all I can think about is next week....I am learning soooo much. Thank you to all of this beautiful community for your kindness and welcoming souls. "

Joe says...

"First time and will not be the last...over the top friendly people, no pressure to join or give..."

Donna says...

"Pastor Ron is Amazing! If you want to learn about faith and how to know GOD this is the place to go!! The teachings are made simple but the power behind the simplicity of the message is the Greatness of God!!"

Bobbi says...

"Faith Living Church is more than just a church. It is a family of Christians who are kind, friendly, and make you feel at home. We are so happy to find our Church family and look forward to growing in our faith with them."

Dennis says...

"Love going to church with my son. Super-Church is great for him. Pastor Ron has such a good message and I have a great feeling of belonging to something bigger then myself. "

Nicole says...

"An amazing church! Great fellowship. It is worth the drive imo for the Sunday 11am service. Pastor Ron is wonderful and the weekly lessons are very interesting and thought provoking and don't forget about Pastor Ron's bag of tricks lol"

Let us know you're coming and we'll reserve a special gift for you!

Be our guest